Thursday, December 04, 2003

I have been posting to my other blog occasionally ( But today I read The Bloviator for the first time, and something on it got me thinking in a slightly different direction. The Bloviator (Ross?) makes the point that traditional blogs are very hit-and-run, trying to keep up with every news event; and that his own blog had been trying to be different, by doing in-depth coverage of things that are important and hard to digest in the hit-and-run format. I also have been noticing that my new favorite thing to read in the blogosphere is not really a blog at all, but The Daily Howler, which has a specific focus and does a wonderful job writing about things that nobody else is writing about.

So that's what I'm going to try to do here. I plan to try to get out there some principles and ways of thinking about ethics, politics, and religion. I may occasionally try to link my ideas to specific things going on in the news on a particular day. But really, I don't think that fast -- my ideas on what events mean often come to me weeks or months later.

I am so grateful to "The Ethicist" for making the word "ethicist" available to the public. It's how I define my own academic specialty. But apart from the name, that weekly column will have very little in common with this blog.

Thanks for reading.